Am I using the wrong diaper size?

Sep 21, 2021

Key signs that indicate the use of the wrong size

  • The diaper tabs (magic tapes) can no longer be pasted on the colored frontal panel with the Velona Cuddles Logo.
  • You start noticing a few leaks only at night, this is a clear sign that you should be using one size bigger (you can start transitioning into the larger size by using it for the night).


How to choose the correct diaper Size & Fit

  • Velona Cuddles has a colour coded overlapping weight range system to make diapering convenient for parents. This means at times your baby may fit into two sizes at once. If your baby is on a weight boundary, transition by trying the bigger size at night while sticking to the smaller size your baby is currently using just for the day.




We have a variety of diapers with different designs to perfectly suit different baby physiques.

  • The Velona Cuddles classic diaper has a straight cut with an extra stretchy side elastic and a back elastic;
  • Our looney tunes diaper and overnyts diaper have an arc shaped design with an extra-large back elastic and contoured fit.
  • If your baby is on the move, you may like to try our pant diaper with a 360-degree elastic waistband.