Common Physical Changes During Pregnancy

Jan 18, 2022

Are you someone expecting a baby in a few months’ time? If that’s the case, you should not miss out on this article. If you know someone for whom you think this article would be important, make sure you share this too. 😊

Well, pregnancy is indeed a blissful period, despite the little niggles you may have to experience. The reality is that you may face changes (both good and bad) in every part of your body during this time. If you know what these potential changes are and how to treat them, your life will be easier for sure.

Changes in your breasts

You will notice a significant change in your breasts when your pregnancy progresses. This is how your breasts prepare for the role of breastfeeding. You will notice that the breasts get larger and tender, and sometimes they may even leak colostrum which is an early form of milk.

Wear a well-fitting bra during this stage, so that you have the comfort and support you need, all the time. You may also find disposable breast pads useful for protection from leaky breasts.

Higher congestion

During your pregnancy, it’s also normal if you experience congestion and a runny nose. This is simply because the blood volume of your body increases at this stage. If you face this while you are expecting, make sure you clean out the mucus using saline spray.

Changes in the urination frequency

When you are pregnant, frequent urination is a natural incident, and that’s inevitable. Don’t despair, this occurs as a result of increased blood volume once again. When the blood volume is higher, your kidneys get more pressure resulting in more urine passage.

And yes, when the baby inside gains more weight over time, the bladder has to endure more pressure, and the urination frequency increases even further. So, make sure you are well-aware of where the bathrooms are when you are visiting malls and supermarkets when you are pregnant.

More pains and aches

Your body undergoes a lot to facilitate safe and sound labor, even without your knowledge. Pains and aches are also a result of one such preparation.

The ligaments and tendons in your body have to stretch to accommodate easy labor, and you may experience several pains and aches when this happens. Pains in the lower abdomen are extremely normal because of the same reason, and it’s nothing you need to worry about. 

Difficulty in breathing

When you are reaching the end of your pregnancy, you’ll find it slightly harder to breathe. This is because the baby will press up against your diaphragm over time. So, don’t panic if you feel as if you can’t breathe properly- just slow down and try to take longer breaths in a convenient position for you.

Yes, you may try lying on your side for instance. In medical terms, this condition is called dyspnea and it’s a completely natural phenomenon during pregnancy.


Mainly due to the pregnancy hormones your body secretes, constipation becomes a normal condition when you are expecting a baby. Don’t panic when you face this condition quite often, and don’t rush to doctors in seek of medical assistance too.

Instead, drink a lot of water whenever you can, and try including fiber in your diet. Some exercises can also help you to feel relieved. 

Leg cramps

While you are pregnant, it’s normal if you experience frequent leg cramps. These sudden leg cramps come out of nowhere at night, and you may feel an uncontrollable pain at times.

According to the medical facts, this condition can be a result of low iron or potassium, so make sure you add potassium-rich bananas to your diet to avoid this condition. Make it a habit to stretch your legs before you go to bed, or engage in any other form of safe pregnancy exercise.

Well, all the above-mentioned changes are absolutely normal during pregnancy, and almost every mom-to-be experiences the same. But there are also some rare issues such as visionary changes which will have to be medically addressed immediately.

So, happy pregnancy- Velona Cuddles wishes you nothing but the best for your role as a mother in the near future! Stay happy, stay safe!