Check out our Safe Food Lookup tool before you buy your next groceries...

Jan 15, 2019

We have released a handy tool for you to check certain foods weather they are bad or good for you or the baby. So check out it before you buy your next groceries... ..Three generations of mothers have trusted Velona as "THE" brand for a baby's layette. Therefore, when disposable diapers were introduced into our product range, we ensured that we supplied our next generation with the safest diapers at an affordable price! At the onset, the Velona Cuddles research and development team identified a list of harsh chemicals that were commonly used in the production of diapers, and completely eliminated them in our production processes and raw materials. Therefore, you can be confident that when you use any Velona Cuddles Diaper, you are dressing your baby in the safest diaper in the world. 

In contrast to leading international brands that charge a premium for particular versions of diapers that are deemed more `Safe'; `Sensitive'; or `Pure'; Velona Cuddles has not segregated diapers based on levels of safety, as we believe that every diaper we sell should provide the highest level of safety for our little babies. So when you pick up a `Velona cuddles diaper', whether it be our classic diaper, ezy pants or unique versions such as looney tunes or bamboo, you can be certain that they are ALL EQUALLY NON-TOXIC. 

Try "Safe Food Lookup" here. 

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